23ZERO Recovery Gear

With 23ZERO Recovery Gear getting stuck won't mean the end of your trip, but the start of another adventure

Designed and tested by Australians in Conjunction with 23ZERO USA…

Tested in Utah, Nevada, Moab, and the great Rocky’s as well as Victorian High Country, 23ZERO Recovery gear is kit 'you can rely on'.

  • Kit Bag Snatch


    Kit Bag Snatch

    The 23ZERO 4x4 Snatch Kit Bag helps keep your snatch strap and shackles stored safely and securely.


    RRP - $0.00

    Sale Price - $29.99

    Kit Bag SnatchKit Bag SnatchKit Bag Snatch

    Product Overview

    The 23ZERO Snatch Kit Bag is padded to protect your snatch strap and features external shackle pockets.

    Features and Specifications

    • 1 x Snatch Kit Bag
    • Designed to avoid damage to internally stored Snatch strap
    • Bow shackles are stored in external pockets
    • 2x External Bow shackle storage pockets
    • No 10 Heavy duty coil zip
    • 1.5" wide reinforced webbing handles
    • 12 month warranty

    * Due to our policy of continual product development, the specifications, colours and features may vary.

    Warning 4x4 recoveries can be dangerous operations, make sure that you are familiar with your recovery gear and you know how to use it. Make sure that your recovery gear is in good condition, suitable for the task and rated for the load required. Use only rated recovery points, never use manufacture supplied tie down points. We recommend that you undergo training in the selection, inspection, use, cleaning and maintenance of your recovery equipment prior to its use.