23ZERO Recovery Gear

With 23ZERO Recovery Gear getting stuck won't mean the end of your trip, but the start of another adventure

Designed and tested by Australians in Conjunction with 23ZERO USA…

Tested in Utah, Nevada, Moab, and the great Rocky’s as well as Victorian High Country, 23ZERO Recovery gear is kit 'you can rely on'.

  • Snatch Block 10T


    Snatch Block 10T

    Snatch blocks effectively double your winch capacity or halve the strain on your winch. A must have in your recovery bag.


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    Sale Price - $49.95

    Snatch Block 10T

    Product Overview

    The 23ZERO 10T 22000lb WWL Snatch Black is an essential item for winch recoveries which basically double the pulling power if your winch.

    An essential item in your recovery kit, used for attaching snatch blocks, winch extension straps, snatch straps and tree trunk protectors.

    Features and Specifications

    • 1 x 10T 22000lb WLL Snatch Block
    • Convenient storage bag
    • 12 month warranty

    * Due to our policy of continual product development, the specifications, colours and features may vary.


    • Never exceed WLL (working load limit)
    • Not for Industrial use
    • Always inspect prior and after use, if damaged discard and replace
    • Do not dismantle or attempt repair
    • Use correctly – do not tie rope or wire directly to snatch block


    • Consider completing a nationally recognised four wheel drive training course or contact a four wheel drive club for more comprehensive advice on the proper selection and use of your recovery equipment.