23ZERO Recovery Gear

With 23ZERO Recovery Gear getting stuck won't mean the end of your trip, but the start of another adventure

Designed and tested by Australians in Conjunction with 23ZERO USA…

Tested in Utah, Nevada, Moab, and the great Rocky’s as well as Victorian High Country, 23ZERO Recovery gear is kit 'you can rely on'.

  • Winch Line Dampener


    Winch Line Dampener

    23ZERO Snatch Strap the go to recovery solution for multi vehicle expeditions.


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    Sale Price - $39.99

    Winch Line DampenerWinch Line DampenerWinch Line DampenerWinch Line Dampener

    Product Overview

    The 23ZERO PVC Winch Line Dampener or sometimes called a Recovery Damper is important for your safety.

    In the event of a cable or strap failure the Winch Line Dampener will absorb most of the energy in the cable, with reduced recoil you and your equipment will suffer much less damage. A must for your recovery kit.

    Features and Specifications

    • 1 x PVC Winch Line Dampener
    • Hook and loop fastening
    • Reflective tape
    • 20in x 19.75in when folded
    • 12 month warranty

    * Due to our policy of continual product development, the specifications, colors and features may vary.


    • Consider completing a nationally recognized four wheel drive training course or contact a four wheel drive club for more comprehensive advice on the proper selection and use of your recovery equipment.