23ZERO Roof Top Tents

With a 23ZERO Roof Top Tent you'll have the freedom and confidence to explore

We've used our years of experience in the outdoor industry to refine our tents with a common sense approach. It's the small details we find that make the difference long term.
Things like the 3 Inch mattress thats just the right firmness so side sleepers won't wake with sore hips and will feel like they have slept blissfully. The tie points for the windows are made from the same material as the tent so we don't create a water ingress point.
We re-enforce stitch the attachment point for the fly and tie points. We use just the right weight material in the right spots so we keep the overall weight down but give you all the features you grow to love with your 23ZERO roof top tent.

If you have questions you can call us on 855 875 7755 to discuss which one of our great tents will suit your needs.